10 Best Ways to Grow Your Business On WhatsApp in 2023

Grow Your Business with WhatsApp Marketing Tips
WhatsApp Marketing Tips

WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular messaging app with 1.5 billion active users across the globe. And along with being used as a chat and messaging app, businesses on WhatsApp, whether large or small are starting to use it for marketing, can expanding their reach amongst customers, establishing public relations etc. Even WhatsApp has brought in the official WhatsApp Business platform for businesses to communicate with potential customers and clients. We help you to find out various tips and tricks to grow your business with WhatsApp.

With the features of WhatsApp business like business profile, labels, shortcuts for quick replies and automated messages. It has become the most used chat and messaging platform for businesses to boost their sales.

However, in order to gain customers and market in the right way, there are some strategies that should be involve. Precisely, one must follow a well-planned road map in order to convert a potential customer to loyal client.

Here are the 10 best ways to help grow your business on WhatsApp in 2023:

Creating broadcasts and groups and regularly sharing relevant content

With proper research and online surveys, whether using the data extractor tools. A business can segregate their target audience based on gender, age groups, and interests. And create broadcast lists and groups on that basis. Once created, one must share relevant content related to your product or niche. In order to gain their interest towards the products and services of the business for when it is time to pitch.

Update your business profile regularly

WhatsApp provides the feature of adding your business timings on your profile. Along with the type of your business and a brief of products and services you deal in known as business catalogs.

You must ensure regular updates of your business profile as per the changes with time. So that when a customer clicks on your WhatsApp business profile He/she is able to view your products and services right away.

Uploading Status

One of the most eminent and widely used feature of WhatsApp is “Status”. And has been proven to be useful for attracting customers to engage with your business. Regular uploading images and videos of your products and services, their benefits etc. may attract the story viewer and make him aware of the needs that he thought he didn’t have.

Product Demonstrations

Once you decide the right time to pitch the members of a group or broadcast list that you have created. You should start off by sending demos and videos of your product and service. In order to gently grab their attention towards your business and grow your business on WhatsApp.

Create WhatsApp campaigns

These may include creating a short and crisp pitch message for all your contacts of customers. Using a bulk WhatsApp message sender to send these messages to them one-by-one without any hassle. For instance, if you send the sales pitch to 100 people at once, at least 10 of them may revert or show interest. Finally you will be able to convert 2 or 3 from them, and hence business target for the day is achieve.

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Sales Support

Once a customer reverts or messages you first after seeing your ads on other social media platforms or search engines. Ensure to clear up all their queries regarding your product or service.

Discounts and deals for a first-time customer or a customer who has traded with you many times retains their loyalty, and they come back to you every time.

Personal Touch

When it is time for the sales pitch through bulk messages. It is basic to make the lead feel as if the message made for them. And make them feel important and unique to the business. This means including each lead’s name in the sales pitch whether it be in the greeting or in the body to provide it a personal touch.


To grow your business on WhatsApp, it is not just necessary to boost your sales. But regular enhancements and changes in the business. Including fixing any issue that is being faced by the customer regularly based in their feedback is also needed.

Customer Feedback on WhatsApp
Feedback on WhatsApp

Since it is known that goodwill spreads the word, if your clients and loyal customers are happy with your service. Their will indeed let others know as it is human nature share their happiness whether it be for business or personal.

It also compels them to leave a genuine, positive feedback and good ratings pertaining to your service.

Customer Supports

Another way of growing and maintaining your business is good customer support. Your support team must be ready to provide 24×7 and if not. A response time whenever a customer has any complaints or grievances regarding your product or service.

And if you happen to deal with a product or service that takes time to be delivered to the customer. It is good to keep them updated on the progress and status of the said product or service to increase their trust on the brand.

Internal Team Communication and Coordination

The last but not the least, is the communication between your team and the different departments prevailing in your business or company i.e., the marketing, sales, and support teams, etc it is necessary to eliminate any communication gap between teams to provide the best customer experience. With WhatsApp’s feature of Groups, you must manage the coordination of these teams to provide fast, hassle-free, and smooth customer service, from WhatsApp promotions to conversion.


Hence, the above tips must be useful to you and your business along with the creative ideas and strategies that you come up with for the growth of your business. WhatsApp Marketing is giving a new insight to marketing strategies. It helps you to be connected with your existing customer and attract new customer. For more marketing blogs click here.

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